human at the heart of our concerns

We evolve together in an
open and transparent relationship.


Our mission:

to listen to you in order to understand your goals and needs and to provide you with a service that is completely personalized and tailored.



We always manage your financial assets based on goals that are personal, your own.

Together, we define your financial goals in order to enable you to achieve your deepest personal goals.

We sincerely believe that only financial goals that are based on human considerations are relevant and measurable and that is the only way of achieving long-term performance.

The historic results of your portfolio are presented on a single A4 page to enable you to grasp at a glance your investments' performances. Calculations are set out simply and in visual form and require no financial skills.

The reason why we have chosen to consolidate the information on your investments on a single page is to enable you to have a better visualization not only of the results but also of the associated risks: it is your money; they are your projects.

We don't content ourselves with making assertions and promises: we substantiate them with proof.  This is our way of forging ties with you based on mutual trust, without which beneficial cooperation is not possible.

Who are we?

MA Management & Finance SA was founded in 2008 by two partners.

Legal status: Public limited company with headquarters in Prangins (CH).

MA Management & Finance S.A. is authorized as a portfolio manager within the meaning of the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) and subject to prudential supervision by SO-FIT, Supervisory Organisation for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees , under the supervision of the FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority)

The founders, who take direct and personal care of their clients, have over 30 years’ experience in the private banking and financial sectors.

MA Management maintains regular, transparent and long-term relationships with a wide selection of depositary banks that count among the larger Swiss banking institutions.

We are proud of the confidence placed by our clients, who have been with us for over 20 years.


What makes us different?

The reason for the founding partners' decision to opt for independence is a deeply held conviction: the focus must be on the client and his own personal goals and projects, rather than on whatever profitability he may represent for his wealth manager

Our goal:
to support our customers in making greater value of their money in an elegant and serene way. Because we know nothing can replace the satisfaction of having reached personal and human goals.

What services do we offer to our CLIENTS?

Discretionary management

mandate (whereby only the client is authorized to make withdrawals, transfers or to close the account)

Consolidation and analysis

of overall financial assets (asset consolidation and personalized reports to provide a better understanding)

Investment funds

principally selected from among the least costly range of asset class (access to institutional classes with no minimum investment)

Clear and detailed statements

adapted to your requirements

Because Transparency lies at the heart of our approach

Detailed quarterly billing enables you to control our fees.

There are no nasty surprises: quarterly bank charges are all-inclusive, negotiated with the depositary banks and billed quarterly with an all-in fee.

For the same reason (all-in fee), turnover has no incidence on performance.

The only revenue earned by MA Management comes from its management fees; these are charged to you directly in accordance with a predetermined scale. MA Management receives no payments from third parties.

Margins on forex operations are kept to a minimum thanks to negotiations with the depositary banks.

There are no structured products or hedge funds, unless clients request them (see below).

Portfolio risk and performance:
transparency and information


A quarterly summary report sets out the risk profile of your portfolio on a single page.

A quarterly report shows the quarterly fluctuation, in terms of percentage, for each investment in your portfolio.

A quarterly report sets out in detail the overall operations carried out in your portfolio and highlights the capital gains and losses.

You are informed immediately if any of your investments registers a loss of over 10 per cent.


Your portfolio's performance is calculated and presented NET.

Your portfolio's performance is set out in a table that clearly shows the fluctuation in your assets quarterly and annually, together with the historic evolution.

You are given clear information on your net earnings, to the nearest cent and from day one, regardless of any possible banking changes.

A simple and transparent calculation method provides you with an easy understanding of the results of your investments.


Our relationship with our clients is marked by respect and professionalism without any stereotyping.

Because it is YOUR money and YOUR projects that we deal with, and because we value your confidence, we are present and available to always provide you with any explanation and information you may require.

Our clients have a direct relationship with their depositary bank. This means that we are in a tripartite relationship.

We only manage assets that are transparent and declared.

There is one principle on which we never compromise: our client's interest.

For this reason, our contacts and forms of remuneration are based on a single idea: YOU are our priority.



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